Dental X-Ray - Trident RiX70DC

Wall Mounted

Dental X-Ray - DC Generator-Trident RiX70DC
High Frequency intraoral X-Ray
External box control available as optional
Lateral touch pad


RiX-70 DC
Dental X-ray Unit

Automatic Voltage Transformer

RiX-70 DC appropriately works in a range of 100 to 240 V. The electrical system automatically detects the power wattage, allowing a safe and proper functioning with every voltage.

0.4 mm Focal Spot

The base for an accurate diagnostic is a good image. RiX-70 DC with focal spot 0,4 mm gives you incredibly clear images with a high contrast range.


Tube Voltage Selector

RiX-70 DC operates either 60, 65 or 70 kV allowing  to reach excellent results to satisfy your needs:

Voltage 60 kV for caries detection or periodontal  applications; 70 kV for endodontic applications, including visualization of canals, detection of root fractures and diagnosis of periapical lesions due to pulpal inflammation.

Technical Information
RiX70DC, wall Mounted Version Installation